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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two

The Year 2 staff

The teachers are:

Class 8 Mrs Gamblin

Class 9 Mrs St Denis

Class 10 Mrs Webster and Mrs Mistry


We are supported by our teaching assistants:

 Mrs Proudlock, Mrs Ansty and Mrs Fendell.


The lunchtime supervisors are:

Mrs Fendell, Mrs Turner and Mrs Shepherd

Year 2 Parents meeting

Home Learning - How to get onto Teams

This is a very exciting year as the children learn through a wide range of amazing topics. As they are the eldest in the school, the children are given the opportunity to take on many responsibilities. They apply for jobs and following a successful interview, become Assembly Monitors, Fruit Monitors, School Guides, School Gardeners or Playground Leaders.


Autumn term



Just wait until the autumn term when the children will learn about all sorts of Curious Creatures. We will be using the wonderful stories from Beatrix Potter to learn about British wildlife and habitats. Linking to the Whitestone mascot, we will we also be learning about owls, both in the UK and the world. 

Spring term



In the spring term they will dive into history learning through drama, artefacts and books all about the amazing, ground breaking work of incredible nurses, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl will help them become wordsmiths,  they will create their own ceramic masterpiece to hold some very unusual marvellous medicines!

Summer term



We complete the year with a flash of of fire, creating our own dragons with an amazing. They will learn all about castles, dragons and knights. They will research the facts behind why The Great Fire of London was such a disaster  Finally they will amaze everyone with a fantastic performance of....well just wait and see! 





Wonderful Work