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We are an Eco-friendly school!

Meet the Green Ambassadors

WWF UK's new animation encourages primary school children to become part of WWF's Green Ambassador Scheme. The film introduces children to a range of characters -- Earth, Brick, Smith, Wheel, Tap, Switch, Puz n' Zel and Lefty and Righty.

Meet our Eco Team

The Eco-Team is a group of children who are passionate about the envrionment and the world around us. The team ensure that recycling bins are being used, taps are turned off, lights are swicthed off when nobody is in the room and waste is put into the fruit caddy. 


The Eco-Team are still learning about how we can make our school more eco-friendly and how we can raise more awareness.


During our 1st meeting, the Eco-Team were giving their Eco badges, special pencils that had been made from recycled rubbish and a little pack telling them about their responsibilties. We went through the Whitestone Eco-Code, and the children are looking forward to carrying out their classroom checks to make sure everyone is following it. 

Reducing Waste Poster Competition

Whitestone Eco Code