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Creative Computing

The school believes that Computing:

 · Gives students immediate access to a rich source of materials.

· Can give information in new ways which help pupils understand and use more effectively.

 · Can motivate pupils

. · Can help children to concentrate and focus.

 · Has the flexibility to meet the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.

You will find all our resources and scheme of work on Purple Mash. As all children have access to this at school as well as at home we found it suitable to use consistently as homework as well as Computing lessons. 


Digital Safety Leaders Video Call Protocol

Winner of the Online Safety Competition 2018

We won the Online Safety Competition 2020! Well done Whitestone! 

We were runners up in the Online Safety Competition 2021! This competition was all about An internet that we can trust and how we can check whether what we read on the internet is true or false. The children had to add the next part of the new Digiduck Detective story!