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E-Safety Digital Leaders

The E-safety Digital Leaders Team is made up of two representatives from each class, Mrs St. Denis the Online-Safety Leader, Mrs Green the Head teacher and Mr Hill the Online-Safety Governor.


The group meets each half term to discuss Online-Safety provision around the school and organise competitions, events and assemblies.

Aims of the Online-Safety Committee

  • To provide all children and staff at Whitestone Infant School with the tools to stay safe on the internet.


  • To make the wider community aware of how they can stay safe when using the internet.


  • To continuously strive for a safer internet environment for all members of Whitestone Infant School.

Meet our 2022-23 E-Safety Digital Leaders!

E-Safety Digital Leaders Team Assemblies

Here are our 8 online safety rules that our E-Safety Digital Leaders encourage our school to follow!

Whitestone's Video Call Rules

Digiduck and the Magic Castle

Check out the latest Digiduck book which explores the topic of the use of money during gaming.

The E-Safety Digital Leaders Team are proud to have successfully achieved the ICT Mark and the 360˚ Safe Accreditation and continues to support other schools in the consortium with their Online-Safety practice.

We are currently working towards achieving reaccreditation for the 360˚ Safe Accreditation.  

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