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Parent's Overview to Assessment


Every child's progress is closely monitored from the moment they start school so that they are given every opportunity to learn and achieve their true potential.

Parents are informed of their child's progress, attainment and targets at parent consultation meetings that are held regularly as well as in the end of year report.

The school works closely with other schools in Nuneaton to moderate work that has been moderated internally. The assessment leader, Miss Ivers, is an accredited moderator for the local authority, leading consortia moderation and moderating other schools across Warwickshire.




In the first few weeks, staff assess the children to create a baseline to measure progress in the primary phase called the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA). This has been introduced to track progress from the start of Reception to the end of Year Six. 


Teachers assess throughout the year to build a picture of what each child can do and their next steps, feeding into the end of year Foundation Stage Profile, which is reported to parents at the end of the school year.


Photos of work and learning experiences and observations are added to Tapestry. This is enhanced by parents commenting on what staff have observed, as well as adding their own observations, to build an holistic picture of every child. At the end of the year this is available for parents to download and keep these valuable memories.

Year 1

All children in Year One will participate in the phonics screening check. Results are included in the Year One end of term report. The children continue to be assessed to ensure learning consolidates and builds on  previous learning.

Year 2

Children in Year 2 have their end of Key Stage 1 tests in May which form part of the final teaching judgements that are made in mid-June. These tests are now optional to schools, with many schools choosing to continue to access them.


Parents are informed of these judgements in the final reports. The national expectation is that children should achieve "Expected Standard" at the end of Year 2. Some children may not achieve this and achieve "Working Towards" or "Standard 1,2,3 and 4". Some children may surpass this and achieve "Working at Greater Depth".


Any Year 2 child who did not achieve the standard in the phonics screen in Year 1 will take this test in June and again parents will be informed in the final report.