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              Music at Whitestone Infant School!

We aim to engage all children in making music, singing songs and rhymes and to have lots of opportunities to listen and respond to a wide range of music.

The children have opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to make music.

Children perform regularly and we have a variety of visitors including performers and specialist teachers deliver music lessons.

                                     Most of all we make music FUN!


 Please have a look at our 'Music Policy'



Fun in the outside classroom.

 In Reception the children are encouraged to explore the different sounds they hear. It was great fun for the children to hit the old saucepans and sing a song as they played the tune.

We have a selection of musical instruments and they like to explore the ways of playing them. The bazooka had all the children marching around the playground. Its great fun because we can be as loud as we like!

                   Visiting teachers

Currently we have links with the Junior Academy of Music. Children are offered either keyboard lessons or guitar lessons. At the end of the year the children perform for their parents. We are incredibly proud of their achievements.