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How many times can you spin a hula hoop?

Why is PE important?

At Whitestone we encourage all our children to be active and have positive attitudes towards physical activity. We enjoy PE Lessons and sport both within the curriculum and during before and after school clubs and lunchtime activities.

 Our PE and school sports promote teamwork, fair play and health and fitness in a fun and safe environment, where all children are challenged and motivated to enjoy and achieve.

PE in the early years

In Early Years our curriculum focuses on children's physical development, teaching and developing the fundamentals skills of movement, balance, coordination ,flexibility and agility


All children take part in our daily welly walk around the field, increasing the distance during the year. We are aiming for a mile.


In the EYFS the children spend part of every day outside in the outside classroom and on tyres and play equipment developing their physical skills.


Our skipping workshop is always very popular, and during lunchtimes and playtimes the children work towards skipping certificates.

PE in Reception

PE in Key Stage 1

In KS1 the children will further develop these fundamental skills and begin to apply them in a range of sporting activities. They have opportunities to perform individually and with others and they are encouraged to take part in competitions and physical challenges.

PE in Key Stage 1

Events in school


Whitestone organises a wide range of afterschool clubs to extend the PE provision at our school. These include dance, gymnastics, tennis ,football, tag rugby, multiskills and athletics.

We also have sports coaches that teach in school PE sessions, including dance and gymnastics. We have an annual sports day, where children are actively encouraged to compete in each race.


After School Clubs and Competitions

Opportunities are regularly provided for children to compete with children from other schools, eg athletics tournaments, football festivals and archery tournaments. 


We have a range of after school clubs available for all children, such as rugby, football, multi-sports and gymnastics.

After School Clubs

Sports Day

Useful links

Below are some links to websites and videos that can help you and your child to become more active. 


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