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Art at Whitestone

Whitestone Infant School considers Art to play a very important role in the curriculum.

Art inspires children to develop a questioning mind where they can engage in creativity and explore, invent and make their own works of Art.  The curriculum enables all children to experience a wide variety of materials and acquire many new skills and techniques. It provides a means whereby children may develop their imagination and extend their observational skills, increasing their awareness of the world around them. Through Art, children can develop confidence and self esteem and therefore Art can also make significant contributions to Personal and Social Education. 

Art, like other Foundation Subjects, is taught mainly through topics set within each Year group. The Scheme of Work for Art gives a clear indication of progressive skills for the subject across the three Infant years. It covers these six areas: drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, collage and textiles. Digital art and computing is also explored when appropriate. 


Curriculum Intent for Art and Design