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Sports Festival

Whitestone Sports Festival

All of the children have enjoyed taking part in the Sports Festival ran by the team from North Warwickshire School Sport team. The children took part in different sports such as archery, golf and standing long jump. All of the children were excited and very engaged and most children had the opportunity to try out a new sport!


'I did archery on holiday so I really liked doing that. We had to pull it back, aim and let go. I got a 6!' Isla, Reception.


'We did basketball, we had to bounce up and down. My personal best with 20 bounces.' Denver, Reception.


'I like jumping from side to side, you have to jump high and it made me tired. My heart was beating so fast!' Henry, Reception.


'I liked the long jump because I'm so fast but I kept falling over so I slowed down, then I got my personal best.' Lochlan, Reception.


'I liked getting the ball in the cone, you have to aim and look where the ball is going. It was so fun.' Leighton, Reception.

Reception's Sports Festival

Year One's Sports Festival

Year Two's Sports Festival