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Gold Package Sport Festival

Year 2 Gold package competition

Our year 2 children had the opportunity to experience different sports activities for example golf, archery, curling and boles. The children also had the opportunity to showcase the skills that they had learnt by participating in a competition. Well done to Whitestone for winning the county-wide competition!


'I liked the archery because you could see how good and steady your hands are. I learnt that when you shoot the arrow, instead of aiming high, you aim low and that's how you get a better aim.' Heidi, Year 2.


'What a fantastic event! The staff were very approachable and supportive to the children and encouraged them to engage with all of the sports activities they had to offer. They offered a very inclusive experience and the children got so much enjoyment out of it. The children really missed the sessions when they ended and often request these games in their PE lessons.' Mrs St Denis, Year 2.