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Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1

The year One Staff 2019-20

The teachers are:

Class 5 Miss S. Turner

Class 6 Mrs H. Bason

Class 7 Miss K. Cusworth

We are supported by the following teaching assistants:-

Mrs J. Bennett

Mrs S. Rudd

Mrs C.Mathieson

Mrs T.Stock

The lunchtime supervisors are:-

Mrs K. Jacobs

Mrs. J Fendell

Mrs E. King

Additional support staff:-

Miss K. Holmes

Mrs L. Anstey



In Year 1, we offer an exciting and enriching curriculum. We actively encourage our children to develop independence with their learning. They are taught to develop key skills such as perseverance and resilience, how to collaborate with others and how to use your imagination to explore new experiences and new possibilities.  

We aim to provide stimulating learning environments.
Our carefully planned curriculum is organised into themed topics to help our children make links to their learning.



If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Our doors are always open!

Autumn Term


We begin our journey into Year one with a topic called 'All aboard.' 

The children enjoy a story all about Naughty Bus which is the 'hook' for all of our topic work. They explore directions, giving instructions and exploration of tyre tracks inspired by the local  artist Ian Cook and much more.... See our overviews for more information.

Following on from Naughty Bus, the children explore 'Traction Man' and 'Biscuit Bear' by Mini Grey in a topic called 'Who saves the day?'

During this half term the children create anti-bullying superheros, learn about their feelings and personal safety through the 'Protective Behaviours' scheme of work. In RE they learn about Christianity and investigate how Christians see Jesus as a role model. Again further details can be found on the overviews. 


Spring Term

This term is a geography and science focused topic with a history focus in the second half term.

We begin with a study of the Amazon Rain forest. We use a story called the 'Kapok Tree' as the hook for this topic as well as a painting by John Dyer called 'At one with nature.' We discuss the layers of Rain forest and explore the animals who live there. The children explore the different groups of animals and learn the features of each group.

This topic ties in well with our Take one Picture mini topic where we study an artist and base our week's work on the themes in the painting studied. 

In the second half of the term, we focus on Great Britain. The children find out about the four countries in GB, the surrounding seas and oceans and the capital cities and patron saints of each of these countries.The children learn about London and it's most famous landmarks followed by exploring the features of Nuneaton. The children study Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II . This historical focus looks at similarities and differences between the Queens. The children also study animals native to GB including farm animals, woodland animals and common garden birds.

More detail of these topics can be found on the overviews and medium term plans below.



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