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Welcome video for new Reception parents September 2020

Reading Information Video for New Parents September 2020 (click on the picture below to start the video).


Click on the photo below to find out how we teach phonics in Reception.


smiley Welcome to Reception smiley


The Year Reception staff!

The teachers are:

Class 1: Mrs Obrey

Class 2: Miss Yeomans

Class 3: Mrs Finn & Mrs Hyde 


We are supported by the following teaching assistants:

Mrs Groom, Mrs Murray &  Mrs Rampton


The lunchtime supervisors are:

Mrs Farndon, Mrs Owens & Mrs Pritchard




We are so proud of how well the children have settled in this term following the exciting and successful transition programme. The children are growing confidence and becoming more independent with many children now coming into school on their own! 


                                                         Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term we have offered the children a rich and stimulating curriculum through the topics of 'I am special' and 'Let's Celebrate'. 


In Literacy, we have enjoyed sharing a wealth of wonderful stories as a stimulus for work. During Read, Write Inc, we are learning our letter sounds, and how to blend sounds together to read simple words. We have been exploring mark making, and trying to use initial sounds in our writing. 


In Maths Mastery, we have focused in detail on one number per week. We have explored each number in depth including learning to read, write and recognise numbers to 10. 

Autumn Term

                                                                  Spring Term



During the Spring Term, we looked at 'the word around us', and 'a world of stories'.


Whilst in the outside classroom, the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating the natural world around them. We had an exciting time watching chicks hatch from their eggs, and the children really enjoyed watching them grow. 


The children are now becoming increasingly independent, accessing equipment and resources during for their self-initiated activities. 


Throughout our topics, the children have been making 2D and 3D models demonstrating greater fine motor control. They are enjoying their growing independence in recording their experiences, i.e making lots of books and labels, in the graphics area. We are very proud of their progress.  


Spring Term

                                                      Summer Term



During the Summer Term, we looked at growing and changes, and 'around and about'.


We had a lovely visit from the Gribbly Bug man, showing us all of his magnificant mini-beasts, including a tarantula!  Some of the children were even brave enough to hold them! The children have been enthralled with the development of the tadpoles into frogs. They have been checking the progress everyday, and have made their own lifecycles and 2D models.


Each of the children planted beans and sunflowers. They have used their maths skills and knowledge to record the growth of their plants. They even discovered if you over water, don't water or keep them in the dark.....they don't grow.

Great investigative skills Reception! :) 


We are now very proud of how much the children have developed over the year, and the children are now getting ready to transition into Year 1. They have grown up into confident independent readers, and writers, and they have developed some fantastic maths skills. 


Well done Team!

Physical Development

Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts & Design



Look how exciting Reception is!