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The Year Reception staff!

The teachers are:

Class 1: Mrs Obrey

Class 2: Miss Yeomans

Class 3: Mrs Finn & Mr Meigh 


We are supported by the following teaching assistants:

Mrs Groom, Mrs Murray, Mrs Rampton & Mrs Manning


The lunchtime supervisors are:

Mrs Farndon, Mrs Owens, Mrs Pritchard




The children are embracing their time in Reception. They have learnt so much since starting school in September. Every day seems to be full of excitement! 


Please find below some useful information and videos about our lovely Reception. Enjoy looking at our photographs of Reception children engrossed in their work and play. 


                                                         Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term we offer the children a rich and stimulating curriculum through the topic of 'We are Special'. 


In Literacy, we enjoy sharing a wealth of wonderful stories and rhymes as a stimulus for work. We develop a love of books and reading. During Read, Write Inc, we learn our letter sounds, and how to blend sounds together to read simple words. We explore mark making, and try to use initial sounds in our writing. 


In Mathematics, we focus in detail on one number per week. We explore each number in depth following maths mastery, including learning to read, write and count numbers accurately to 10. 

Getting Started In Reception

Please enjoy this short introduction to getting started in our Reception classes.

Early Reading Information Video for New Parents September 2021

(click on the picture below to start the video).


Getting Started with Phonics

(Please note that from September 2021 the children will have their flashcards in an loose envelope instead of on the inside of their reading diaries). Please click on the video. 


Reception Coombe Abbey trip 2019

                                                                  Spring Term



During the Spring Term, we will be learning through our exciting topic of 'A World of Stories'. During the first half term we look closely at Winter and learn about the Arctic and Antarctica. We also learn about Chinese New Year. This half term we look closely at traditional tales, Spring and the Christian celebration Easter. 


In Mathematics, we extend the children to recognise and write numbers beyond 10 whilst still embedding numbers to 10. We learn to add and subtract using cubes and on a number track. We explore the concepts of doubling and halving in practical situations. 




Spring Term

                                                      Summer Term



During the Summer Term, we will continue to offer a stimulating curriculum through our topic 'The World Around Us'. 

Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts & Design



Look how exciting Reception is!