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Reading Assessments for KS1

We have just completed our initial assessments for Read, Write Inc. The children have done really well and the majority of the children have maintained their previous level thanks to all the hard work they have put in with their home learning whilst not attending school due to lockdown. We know how difficult this has been for many families especially where parents were trying to work from home too or had more than one child to home school. We have placed all the children in an initial group to get them ‘warmed back up,’ on the RWI programme. Some may be repeating books but this is to rebuild their confidence with the texts. Our aim is to be very fluid with our groupings and move children on quickly to the next stage. Normally we would not reassess their progress for 6 weeks but currently we have already begun a second round of reassessment as it has become clear that many children have begun to regain their confidence. However, this takes time so we ask that you bear with us whilst we undertake this process and can assure you that the children’s progress is our priority and they will be moved on as soon as we feel they are ready. Thank you for all your support with reading and phonics.

Helen Bason (Reading leader)