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Compton Verney Visit

On Thursday 6th October all three year 2 classes enjoyed a fantastic trip to Compton Verney, just outside Strafford. Compton Verney is a great place to engage students in hands-on creative activities through exhibitions, collections and galleries to create an inspirational day.

Lots of learning took place when the children had the opportunity to look, discuss and sketch a range of portraits and paintings in the galleries. Emma (Class 8’s guide) taught the children about the different paintings and their importance to the gallery. Emma also focused on the emotions the people may have been showing in each painting.

The children were lucky by getting the opportunity to make their own 3D clay face in the afternoon. The children were encouraged to think of an emotion they could show, through the facial features on their 3d clay work, which they really enjoyed doing.

All the children had a wonderful time and learnt a lot!