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Online-Safety Committee

The Online-Safety Committee is made up of one representative from each class, Miss De Vogel the new Online-Safety Leader, Mrs Green the Head teacher and the Online-Safety Governor.

The group meets each half term to discuss Online-Safety provision around the school and organise competitions, events and assemblies.

Meet our 2019-2020 Online Safety Team

Online Safety Team doing assemblies

Aims of the Online-Safety Committee

  • To provide all children and staff at Whitestone Infant School with the tools to stay safe on the internet.


  • To make the wider community aware of how they can stay safe when using the internet.


  • To continuously strive for a safer internet environment for all members of Whitestone Infant School.

The Online-Safety Committee is proud to have successfully achieved the ICT Mark and the 360˚ Safe Accreditation and continues to support other schools in the consortium with their Online-Safety practise.

We are currently working towards achieving reaccreditation for the 360˚ Safe Accreditation.  

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